Sprowston Cricket Club – Junior Cricket Programme, Summer 2019
The Club have a packed fixture list for the 2019 season as we have entered both the Norfolk Cricket Alliance and South Norfolk Cricket Leagues for most age groups.  The U9s are also in the Norfolk Cricket Board soft ball competition.   
The English Cricket Board (ECB) All Stars Cricket Programme for 5 to 8 year olds, aimed at increasing participation in the sport, will continue at the Club this year.  Sprowston CC was a key Norfolk Club helping deliver the ECB’s goals last season, being the 2nd largest All Stars centre in Norfolk.  Together with the ECB we will continue to deliver quality coaching and fun training sessions to attract, develop and retain players of all ages and abilities.  To reserve a place you will need to book and pay directly with the ECB:  www.ecb.co.uk/play/all-stars
For the older age groups, U9-U13 the Club will continue the Pay n Play system with the training fee and match fee being reduced to only £2.  A subscription of £15 for the season is being introduced.  The subscription for U15s  playing Saturday senior cricket (13 is the minimum age) is £35 which includes a Club playing shirt (only if one has not previously been received).
We remain a Clubmark accredited cricket club; this demonstrates that we continue to meet the ECB Clubmark criteria across four areas: duty of care and safeguarding children; the cricket programme the club offers, knowing your club and its community – “One Game” and club management.  ECB Clubmark is an acknowledgement that we take these issues seriously and that we are striving to provide a high quality and welcoming environment for young participants in cricket.  All coaching at the Club is undertaken by qualified coaches who are trained and have been screened for their suitability for working with young people. 
We welcome parents/guardians/carers to all training and competitions and value your support.  Registration will commence 15 minutes prior to session start time above and all attendees MUST sign in and sign out at the end of the coaching sessions.  Junior Cricket Programme summary: 
Age Group                School Year (2017/18)        Day             Time                            First  Session       Last Session        Cost

ECB All Stars*                         1 to 4                             Friday          17:30-18:30          tba                             8 sessions            £40

ECB All Stars*                         1 to 4                             Sunday       10:00-11:00          tba                              8 sessions             £40

Under 9                                        3 & 4                            Monday      18:00 19:30         15th April             19th August        £2 per session

Under 11                                     5 & 6                           Monday        18:00 19:30          15th April            19th August         £2 per session

Under 13                                    7 & 8                            Monday       18:00-19:30          15th April           19th August          £2 per session

Under 15                                    9 & 10                         Wednesday   18:00-20:0          10th April           21st August         £35
Under 16 to
Under 19                                       11+                          Wednesday  18:00-20:00           10th April           21st August         £35
*The U9s and U11s have a number of matches scheduled on Sunday mornings.  Monday evening training sessions will replace the Sunday sessions missed due to matches.  Monday training sessions will be 6pm to 7.30pm. 

Arrangements should be made for your child to travel to and from training sessions and matches.  We appreciate it if children can arrive promptly and are collected promptly at the end of the session, if they are not old enough to make their own way home.  If you are going to be late picking your child up, please contact the appropriate coach to let them know.
Clothing and Equipment for Training and Matches
Sports type clothing, i.e. tracksuit, is most suitable for training; white cricket trousers (whites) do not have to be worn but can be.  Please ensure your child commences the session wearing a suitable number of layers of clothing.  Excess layers can be removed according to activity intensity and weather conditions.  The field can be windy and cold, even mid-summer, and injury risk is increased when participants are cold.
Cricket whites are preferred for matches but are not compulsory.  White trainers are preferred over black and the same goes for socks!  A white t-shirt is required to be worn under the Club’s playing shirt, which will be provided for U13, U11 and U9 age groups.  U15s are required to provide their own cricket playing shirt.  Additional Club kit is available on the Club Team shop at http://www.allroundercricket.com/teamwear/cricket-teamwear/s/sprowston-cc/sprowston-cc-juniors – or please speak to a coach or manager. 
All junior participants in training and matches require a cricket box to wear when batting and wicket keeping when using a hard cricket ball.  This is an ECB requirement.  A cricket box is the only piece of personal protective equipment that is required to be provided by participants.  Bats, pads, gloves, helmets and practice balls are all provided by the Club.
Coaches, team managers and parents/guardians/carers of the child will be required to fill out an accident form for any injury a child sustains whilst on the Club’s premises.
Wet Weather Drill
Due to health and safety considerations, cricket is simply not possible in wet conditions.  Additionally leather balls, wooden bats and protective equipment are all permanently damaged by wet conditions.  Even the non-turf cricket pitch in the middle of the field is not safe to play on when it is wet because it becomes slippery. 
If the weather means it is not safe to start or continue training outside we may use the clubhouse and watch cricket on the big screen and the session will then finish as per the scheduled time.  We will communicate what is possible at the start of the session. 
Training Fees and Match Fees
Training fees are £2 per session and junior match fees are £2 per game. 
In order to provide good hospitality at the Club all junior games should have orange squash and tea/coffee available to players and parents between innings.  To achieve this aim we will need the assistance of parents/guardians/carers – please offer help if possible; or at least, be prepared to be asked! 

Coaches and Welfare Officer
The Club’s qualified coaching team includes:
Iain Murrell           ECB Level 2 Coach
Matty Evans          ECB Level 2 Coach
Sam Hales              ECB Level 1 Coach
Tom Rose              ECB Level 1 Coach
Tim Stock              ECB Level 1 Coach
Ian Doy                  ECB Level 1 Coach
Laurie Ollerton     ECB Coach Support Worker
Joe Partridge        ECB Coach Support Worker
Frank Guyton    ECB Coach Support Worker ( Pending)
Cheryl Doy is the Club’s Child Welfare Officer.
Junior Member Registration Form
Both new and existing junior members have to fill out the 2019 registration form and a media release form.  If you do not have these forms please contact Iain Murrell.
The best way to stay up to date with the Club through the season is via Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter: @SprowstonCC
Facebook: Follow Sprowston Cricket Club
Sprowston Cricket Club Website: www.sprowstoncricketclub.org
Contact details:
All parents and members are advised to join the Sprowston Cricket Club Facebook group for the most up-to-date club communications.
Please understand that cricket organisers get a large volume of calls in the cricket season.  We will do our best to reply in an appropriate time scale depending on the circumstances.  Please remember that if you call or text us about the weather we may well have 20+ other similar calls and texts!
Iain Murrell
Junior Coordinator
266 Plumstead Road East
Thorpe St Andrew
(M) 07881 953381

Cheryl Doy
Welfare Officer
35 Alford Grove
(M) 07810 117603

Mick Ollerton
273 Thunder Lane
Thorpe St Andrew
(M) 07944 025212
Team                                           Name                                        Mobile                                                Email

U9 Manager                           Mike Waters                         07552 218736                              [email protected]

U11 Manager                       Tim Stock                                 07711 444961                             [email protected] 

U13 Manager                       Iain Murrell                             07881 953381                            [email protected]

U15 Manager                      Phil Dix                                       07986 221542                           [email protected]

U19 Manager                      Mick Ollerton                          07944 025212                           [email protected]

Role                                                    Name                                      Mobile                                       Email

1st XI Captain                              Matty Evans                      07986 221542                        [email protected]

2nd XI Captain                           Steve Cambell                  07917840156                          [email protected]
3rd XI Captain                            Sudhir Trivedi                     07800 907887                       [email protected]

4th XI Captain                           Craig Poole                             07464 968989                     [email protected]